Why should I come to a Classical Pilates Studio?

Pilates is one of the fastest growing segments of the fitness industry. This has resulted in many new teachers, some with very little training. At a Classical Pilates Studio you will work with a teacher who has spent years learning Pilates and learning to teach Pilates. This means that the teacher focuses on your body, your body’s needs, and on your doing Pilates correctly. If you have taken a mat class at a gym or at the Y and have felt pain after your workout or have done more than 10 repetitions of an exercise, you are doing an altered from of Pilates. At a Classical Pilates Studio you learn Pilates the way that Joseph Pilates meant for you to learn and will gain the benefits he intended you to gain.

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

Pilates is strength and flexibility in movement and Yoga is strength and flexibility in stillness. In Pilates you move to gain increased strength and flexibility. Pilates also utilizes equipment which allows for modifications of all exercises. The equipment can either assist you in becoming strong enough to do mat exercises at home or, it can cause you to become more advanced in your Pilates work. The brilliance of the equipment is that it does both of these things and, it can help rehabilitate you from an injury. Joseph Pilates was a great inventor and invented something for everything from your head to your toes.

What is the difference between a Mat Class and Work on Pilates Equipment?

Joseph Pilates developed mat work first. Done correctly, it requires overall strength, core strength, and flexibility. Joe developed the equipment to assist his students to become strong enough and flexible enough to do mat work. Mat work is layered into equipment work to ultimately allow students to do a complete mat program at home. The equipment is not torture equipment! Instead, it was invented by Joe to help his students and to help those with injuries to regain full movement and strength.

Why Do I Have to Participate in an Initial Consultation?

Even if you have taken a mat class or worked on Pilates equipment before, it is valuable to re-examine your strengths and weaknesses and to evaluate your body alignment in movement. If you have never done Pilates before, or have not done it for some time, the Consultation allows your teacher to evaluate your body, its needs and to help you meet your goals. The Consultation includes your first Pilates Session. Students are not allowed to work on the Pilates Equipment without knowing how to use it properly and safely. Your Consultation introduces you to the equipment and Private Sessions and Group Sessions help you learn how to use the equipment independently.

How Often Should I do Pilates?

Joe believed that Pilates should be done four times a week. Ideally, this should be a combination of two Private sessions per week, Group sessions, and work at home on your own. The more Private Sessions you take, the faster you will progress with Pilates. One Private session a week will still benefit you, but your progress will be slower.

What should I wear to my Pilates session?

Wear comfortable clothing which is not too loose. Your teacher needs to be able to see your body and its alignment. Clothing should not have any zippers as the zippers can damage the Pilates equipment. Please leave all jewelry at home or with your street clothes here at the Studio as jewelry can damage the equipment and necklaces can get caught in the equipment. If you have long hair, pull it back so that it is not loose. When practicing Pilates, we do not wear shoes. Feel free to bring socks or, Toe Socks are available for purchase at the Studio.

How Soon Should I See Results from Pilates?

Joe believed that you would feel a difference in 10 sessions, see a difference in 20, and that your body would be changed in 30 sessions. Results are, however, individual to each person, and each body. The key to results is consistency in your practice of Pilates. The more frequently you practice Pilates, whether in the Studio or at home, the faster you will see results.

Will I be Sore after my Pilates Session?

Yes, because Pilates is exercise. But, you should not feel pain: there is a difference. You will be using muscles which you are not used to using and you will be using them in a different way. You will work hard and you will feel the work. In Pilates, we do not work to the point of “feeling the burn.” This type of exercise actually causes small muscle tears which, in turn, builds bulky muscles. Pilates creates long, lean muscles. So, while you will feel the work when you do Pilates, and you might be sore, you should not feel pain.

Can I do Pilates if I Have Sustained an Injury?

One of the reasons that Classical Pilates is popular is for its rehab potential. When Joe moved from Europe to New York injured dancers became some of his most loyal students. You can do Pilates if you have an old or new injury. Depending on the injury, however, you may be required to provide a release from your physician.

Can I do Pilates if I am Pregnant?

Yes. Pilates works deep abdominal muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor. Doing Pilates while pregnant will help your muscles stay strong, it will help to support the weight of your baby, it will limit the changes in your posture, and it helps in your post-partum recovery. At Equipoise, we follow all ACOG (American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology) Guidelines when working with pregnant clients.

Can I do Pilates if I am Overweight?

Yes. Pilates is for everyone, not just those who are already fit. If you learn to move and breathe through Pilates, you can and will move better in other areas of your life. Your weight is not what matters at Equipoise. What matters is your desire to learn and to live a healthier life.

Do Men Benefit from Pilates?

Pilates was developed by a man, for men, and then adapted for women. Men are generally less flexible than women. Body Building causes muscles to be bulky and shortened. This can limit range of motion and agility. Pilates benefits men in the same way that it benefits women: improved strength, core strength, and flexibility.

What is the Greatest Benefit from Practicing Pilates?

The greatest benefits from practicing Pilates is that if practiced correctly, it results in functional gait and functional movement. This does not sound as “sexy” as “core strength.” Core strength is central to Pilates as your core is the anchor for the rest of your body. Joe believed that we should move well, no matter our age. Joe meant that every part of our body should move well from the largest joint to the smallest and from the largest muscles to the smallest. There was a reason for everything which Joe did in developing Pilates. Most importantly, he believed that we should move well which, in turn, allows us to live well.

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