Work Together and Achieve More

Group Sessions

If you are new to Pilates and want to work in a group setting, bring your friends with you and create your own, private Group Class. The benefit of Group Lessons is working with others, learning that all of us have strengths and weaknesses, and watching not only your body but the bodies of others change as a result of Pilates.

The Studio offers Group Mat Classes, Group Reformer Classes, and Group Tower Classes. Group classes are limited to four (4) people. The Studio has the capacity to have larger Group Mat Classes.
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New students

Are you new to Pilates or visiting our Studio for the first time? Call (785) 410-4149 to meet the teacher and schedule a tour of the Studio.

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Initial consultation

New Student Initial Consultation 90 Minutes/$90
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55 Minutes Sessions

2 students/$55 per person

3 students/$50 per person

4 students/$45 per person

cancellation policy

Sessions must be cancelled within 24 hours to avoid a cancellation fee.

gift cards

Gift cards are available and may be purchased any amount.