Meet Autumn Fox

Equipose Pilates Studio Owner and Teacher

As the owner of Equipoise Pilates Studio, I am committed to helping each of my students learn the benefit of Pilates. I have combined more than twelve years as a Physical Therapy Assistant with my formal Pilates training to offer local Pilates classes and bring my students complete mind-body training.

I began to study Classical Pilates with Aliesa George— trained by Romana Kryzanowska who was trained directly by Joseph Pilates—in 2006 and took teacher’s training from her in 2007. It was not until this past year, however, that I chose to close my law practice and teach Pilates full time.

While there are many variations of Pilates now, there is only one form which Joseph Pilates developed and taught—Classical Pilates. He had a reason for everything he did, for every exercise, for the order of the exercises, and a purpose for all of the Pilates equipment he designed.

As a Pilates teacher, I am also influenced by the work of Eve Gentry who was taught directly by Joseph Pilates. After undergoing a radical mastectomy, Eve Gentry developed fundamental exercises which are known as The Gentry Technique. These are exercises which allow me, as a teacher, to assist students in gaining enough strength and flexibility to progress with Pilates. These exercises also assist those with injuries to regain the use of injured muscles and joints.

Nothing about our society or our fast paced lives encourage us to move well, to breathe well, or to live without discomfort and pain. Joseph Pilates believed that everyone should do Pilates to provide balance in their lives—a balance between work and life and a balance in our bodies which can only be achieved through increased strength, flexibility, and movement.

I believe the same. I hope to teach my students that their health matters, that moving well matters, that taking time from our hectic lives to be healthy matters, and that the practice of Pilates is the most brilliant way to achieve whole body health.

Contact Autumn at (785) 410-4149 to schedule a session or tour of the studio.